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STAGES - Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science
The FP7 project implemented by the Centre for Social Management and Community Development
UAIC Project Coordinator
Doina Balahur
Prof. univ. dr. Doina BALAHUR
Professor, PhD, Department of Sociology and Social Work, CSMCD
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FP7European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY 2011-1, STAGES, Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science (SiS.2011.2.1.1.-1)

Project co-funded by the General Inspectorate for relations with the European Union of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (IGRUE).

Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance
UAIC Research Group on Gender Equality in Science

UAIC Research Group on Gender Equality in Science is a multidisciplinary research team set up within the frame of the STAGES project in order to conduct scientific studies and evaluations on Gender Equal Opportunities in Romanian educational and research institutions, particularly at the UAIC (see the main objectives, research group members, research and publications).

Young Women Researchers -
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Young Women Researchers
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"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi

Centre for Social Management and Community Development
"Gender Equality in Science" -
a theme for PhD studies

Cover women technological Since 2013, "Gender Equality in Science" is a theme for PhD studies at the UAIC. Prof. dr. Doina Balahur, scientific coordinator for PhD in Sociology, announced the topics and the bibliography for 2014 candidates competition. As for 2013, the research will be carried out in cooperation with the FP7 European project STAGES at the UAIC. (more info here).

Timeline of STAGES Project activities at UAIC

30-31 October 2014

The 3rd French-Romanian Colloquium on Medicinal Chemistry has included a round table on „Gendered Science”

(UAIC, Building A, Aula Mihai Eminescu)
French-Romanian Colloquium French-Romanian Colloquium French-Romanian Colloquium

Between 30-31 October the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi and the School of High Studies on Engineering from Lille (France) have organized the 3rd edition of the French-Romanian Colloquium on Medicinal Chemistry. Held since 2010, at the initiative of Dr. Alina Ghinet, winner of the prize and scholarship „L'Oréal-Unesco for Women in Science”, who donated the 10000 Euro award for the organization of the first edition, this French-Romanian scientific event brings together researchers in medicinal chemistry from academia, research institutions and industry from France and Romania. Within the frame of the 3rd edition, at the joined initiative of the main organizers of the Colloquium, Dr. Alina Ghinet and Prof. Dr. Elena Bicu, who are also members of the UAIC Network of Women in Science, and Prof. Dr. Doina Balahur, Director of the UAIC Centre for Gender Equality in Science and coordinator of the FP7 UAIC-STAGES project, on the 30 October, a Round table has been organized as an open, interdisciplinary dialog on “Gendered Science in Medicinal Chemistry”. On this occasion Prof. Dr. Doina Balahur gave a presentation of the STAGES project at the UAIC and also introduced the theme of gendered innovation underlying the benefits of taking sex and gender into consideration in the content, methods and all the stages of the research. It was followed by debates and a Q&A session on how gendered innovation could be introduced in the research on Medicinal Chemistry. Interventions and observations on the potential benefits of gendered content in Medicinal Chemistry research have been made by Dr. Alina Ghinet, Dr. Solo Goldstein (France), Dr. Alin Dirtu, Dr. Mariana Pinteala and Dr. David Perry (France). Both young female and male researchers and PhD candidates have also raised questions. The Round table has been attended by more than 40 young and senior researchers from the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza University”, Faculty of Chemistry, the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry “Petru Poni”, Iasi, the School of High Studies on Engineering from Lille (France), University of Havre (France), and University Paris South (France).

3 November 2014

UAIC Centre for Gender Equality in Science set up a Gender Equality Database

(UAIC Centre for Gender Equality)
Gender Equality Database Gender Equality Database Gender Equality Database

Within the framework of the UAIC-STAGES project, the UAIC Centre for Gender Equality in Science has set up a preliminary Gender Equality Database, grounded on statistics collected in accordance with the European Commission’s indicators from the reports entitled SHE FIGURES 2012 (2013) and Gender Equality Index (produced by the European Institute for Gender Equality/EIGE). This database is considered as a necessary prerequisite to improve knowledge and support of monitoring and future analysis in our project at the UAIC. The collection of gender disaggregated data was realized by the UAIC Centre for Gender Equality in Science in cooperation with Human Resources Department, Research Departments and the Doctoral School from the UAIC.

10 November 2014

Professor Liliana Mitoșeriu – a remarkable presence at the European scientific events in Physics and Materials Sciences

Professor Liliana Mitoșeriu Professor Liliana Mitoșeriu

After the successful results of the first project COST coordinated by Romania in the field of Physics, for which she has been the project leader, Professor Liliana Mitoșeriu, from the UAIC Faculty of Physics, continues to be a remarkable presence at international and national scientific events. Next year, Professor Mitoșeriu will be co-Chair in the organizing committee of the symposium entitled "Ceramics for electro-magnetic and optical applications" included within the 14th Conference of the European Ceramic Society (ECERS), that will take place at Toledo, Spain, on 21-25 June 2015. The Symposium is designed as an interdisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers from various theoretical and experimental areas, involved in fundamental as well in applied research or in industrial implementation of such materials in multifunctional devices. The thematic announced for the symposium will cover recent developments of design, preparation, and properties of electronic materials, manufacturing, sustainability and cost reduction issues. For more information read here. Like in other relevant occasions, we are glad to inform our readers about the scientific successes of feminine personalities from UAIC, by considering that their constant international and national presence contributes to the scientific recognition and increasing prestige of our university.

10 November 2014

News on UAIC-STAGES event in the EPWS Newsletter

EPWS Newsletter

The European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS) published in its recent NEWSLETTER (Issue 36, October 2014. pp.11-12) a presentation of our documentary exhibition “UAIC – A Place for Women in Science”. (link.). Thanking to our friends from EPWS, we take also the opportunity to warmly congratulate Dr. Brigitte Mühlenbruch, the President of the European Platform of Women Scientists, who has been honoured with the Order of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany in acknowledgement of her pioneering work in the promotion of women in science at national as well as European level. She received the Order of Merit awarded by the German Federal President Joachim Gauck in Berlin on 6 October 2014 on the occasion of the Day of German Unity. (more info in the newsletter, p.3, and here).

12 November 2014

Researchers from the UAIC’s Biophysics Laboratory in an international project

(UAIC, Faculty of Physics, Molecular Biophysics and Medical Physics Laboratory)
UAIC’s Biophysics Laboratory

A research team from the Molecular Biophysics and Medical Physics Laboratory (Faculty of Physics) will receive research funds from the Ministry of Research of South Korea as a partner in a 3 years project which was selected in the international competition „Global Research Laboratory Program”. The project, entitled “Design and Development of Therapeutic AMPs against Epidemic Superbugs”, will be coordinated by the Research Center for Proteineous Materials, Chosun University, Gwangju (South Korea). The UAIC team is led by Prof. Dr. Tudor Luchian, Director of the Sciences Department from the UAIC, and has only feminine members in the team composition, with seven women researchers, namely: Lecturer Dr. Loredana Cristina Mereuță, Dr. Alina Asandei, Dr. Aurelia Apetrei, Drd. Irina Șchiopu, Drd. Sorana Elena Iftemi, Stud. Liliana Chiribasa and Stud. Daniela Ciumac. For more info read: here.

4 December 2014

Open call for postdoctoral grants applications at the Erasmus Mundus Academic Network (EDEN)

(UAIC, EDEN Project coordination)
Erasmus Mundus Academic Network

EDEN (Erasmus Mundus Academic Network) is a project financed through the Erasmus Mundus Action 2, the EACCEA programme that fosters institutional co-operation in the field of higher education between the European Union and non-EU countries through a mobility scheme addressing student and academic exchanges for the purpose of studying, teaching, training and research. The project is implemented by a consortium consisting of 6 Lot 3 higher education institutions and 9 EU universities, working together under a joint coordination: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi – coordinator and IDC Herzliya – Co-Coordinator. Launched in 15 July 2012, for a period of 4 years, the project recently announced a new open call for postdoctoral grants applications, with the deadline on 20 January 2015. More info: here and on the project site.

9 December 2014

Training session “Scientific excellence in Horizon 2020 projects: Gender in project’s life cycle”

(UAIC, Building A, Senate Room)
Scientific excellence in Horizon 2020 projects Scientific excellence in Horizon 2020 projects Scientific excellence in Horizon 2020 projects

At the solicitation of the academic and research staff in our university, the UAIC-STAGES project, in cooperation with the UAIC Centre for Gender Equality in Science, has organized on the 9 December 2014 a one day training on “Scientific excellence in Horizon 2020 projects: gender in project’s life cycle”. The training was delivered by Ms. Catarina Arnaut, gender expert from Yellow Window, Belgium, and took place in the UAIC Senate Room, from 9:00 to 17:30. The training was divided in two sessions: the morning session comprised an overall introduction into gender and research and show how gender is interwoven with all aspects of research. The topics were then examined in pragmatic terms in order to underline how a gender dimension of research content contributes to excellence in research. This way, various aspects of gender equality in science have been zoomed in into the framework of Horizon 2020 and its gender specific requirements included in the projects applications. During the afternoon session, case studies were analyzed based on concrete examples drawn from two specific research fields: nanosciences and biotechnology and inclusive, innovative and reflective societies.(more info on the programme). The training, based on interactive methods, was attended by 44 professors and researchers, members of Senate, Doctoral Schools and Departments managers as well as post-docs fellows, PhD candidates and MA students, who manifest their interest to learn more about gender dimensions that should be taken into consideration when applications in European research projects are to be initiated. The training had as a documentary and working document the toolkit “Gender in EU-funded research and innovation” provided by Yellow Window (Publication Office of the European Union, 2014).

13 December 2014

Course on “Gender and science: Interdisciplinary perspectives on sex and gender”

(UAIC, Building R, Room 306)
Gender and science Gender and science Gender and science

On the 13 December 2014, the UAIC-STAGES project, in cooperation with the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Political Sciences, organized the first course on “Gender and science: Interdisciplinary perspectives on sex and gender”. The 4 hours course (10:00-14:00) was given by Prof. Dr. Doina Balahur, who presented an introduction into the main scientific perspectives to approach the topics of sex/gender in science, namely the sociological, psychological, neurobiological, anthropological, and juridical frameworks and at the same time argued on the necessity to integrate these approaches in an interdisciplinary perspective able to highlight new findings concerning the relevance of gender dimension in science (as for example in the content, methods and applications of research). The documented examples from the social sciences research have been provided to sustain the argumentation. The course was attended by 19 PhD students in the fields of Sociology, Political Sciences and Communication Sciences.

15-16 December 2014

International exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge on Gender Equality in Science

(Vienna University of Technology, Centre for the Promotion of Women and Gender Studies, Office of Human Resources, TU-Wien Kindergarten)
International exchange of experience International exchange of experience International exchange of experience

At the joined initiative of the Centre for the Promotion of Women and Gender Studies from Vienna University of Technology, Austria and the Centre for Gender Equality in Science from “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania, set up within the European project STAGES, an on-site visit for exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge on Gender Equality in Science has been organized on the 15-16 December 2014 at the Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien).
The UAIC Centre for Gender Equality in Science (CGES) has been represented by Prof. Dr. Doina Balahur, Director of CGES, Prof. Dr. Adriana Prodan, Deputy Director of the UAIC Doctoral School, Associate Professor Luminita Bejenaru, member of the Senate of the UAIC, Associate Professor Lenuta Alboaie, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Associate Professor Iuliana Breaban, member of the management board of CGES, Adina Cojocariu, representative of the Rector’s Office and Sonia Giorgiu, Gabriela Enasescu and Cristina Holban, representatives of the Department of Human Resources from the UAIC.
The transfer of knowledge programme has started with the meeting with Dr. Brigitte Ratzer, head of the Centre for the Promotion of Women and Gender Studies from TU-Vienna, who gave a presentation about “Women at TU Vienna –Challenges and perspectives for the future”, with special focus on gender issues in curricula, mentoring and role models programmes as well as on the initiatives aiming at high-lightening women’s scientific excellence. The delegation of the UAIC Centre had then the pleasure to meet Professor Anna Steiger, the Vice-Rector for Human Resources and Gender from TU-Wien, who presented the strategic vision on the Human Resources and Gender Equality Management, speaking especially about the main policies, strategies, measures and plans for advancement of women. The third session of training took place at the Office of Human Resources, where Ms. Heidemarie Pichler, the Head of the Office, presented the operational dimensions of the “HR Development and Corporate Health at Vienna University of Technology”, which provided the opportunity to understand how the strategies and measures in place on the development of human resources and gender equality are working in everyday life at the TU Vienna. At the same office, Ms. Eva Vesely, the Coordinator of the TU Vienna programme on Dual Couple Career explained that for partners of newly appointed professors are offered different services, support and advice tailored for each situation. The exchange experience programme included also a visit at TU-Kids, the kindergarten of the university. Presenting the specific activities, Ms. Astrid Schowdorfer, the Head of the institution, emphasized that the programme of the kindergarten complements the strategies in place at the TU-Vienna aiming at creating a friendly environment for the students and staff and being also an important support for the professional work and family life balance. The series of meetings, presentations and visits was followed by group discussions on the good practices and experiences that could be transferred at the UAIC. (more info and photos here).

30 December 2014

The 10th Deliverable of the UAIC-STAGES team

The 10th Deliverable of the UAIC-STAGES team The 10th Deliverable of the UAIC-STAGES team The 10th Deliverable of the UAIC-STAGES team

The 10th deliverable on the UAIC-STAGES activity included a study about “Developing National Standards on Gender Equality in Research Funding”. The study, carried out by the UAIC Research Group on Gender Equality in Science, led by Prof. Dr. Doina Balahur, is based on data collected from EC Reports and statistics registered at the national level as well as on original multi-focal analysis of gender challenge in research funding in Romanian context in comparison with the European policy measures to promote gender equality in science. The material, sent at EC DG Research and Innovation, has 45 pages, including 12 tables with relevant figures, facts analysis and interpretation, and other research findings.

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