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STAGES - Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science
The FP7 project implemented by the Centre for Social Management and Community Development
UAIC Project Coordinator
Doina Balahur
Prof. univ. dr. Doina BALAHUR
Professor, PhD, Department of Sociology and Social Work, CSMCD
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FP7European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY 2011-1, STAGES, Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science (SiS.2011.2.1.1.-1)

Project co-funded by the General Inspectorate for relations with the European Union of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (IGRUE).

Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance
UAIC Research Group on Gender Equality in Science

UAIC Research Group on Gender Equality in Science is a multidisciplinary research team set up within the frame of the STAGES project in order to conduct scientific studies and evaluations on Gender Equal Opportunities in Romanian educational and research institutions, particularly at the UAIC (see the main objectives, research group members, research and publications).

Young Women Researchers -
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Young Women Researchers
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Centre for Social Management and Community Development
"Gender Equality in Science" -
a theme for PhD studies

Cover women technological Since 2013, "Gender Equality in Science" is a theme for PhD studies at the UAIC. Prof. dr. Doina Balahur, scientific coordinator for PhD in Sociology, announced the topics and the bibliography for 2014 candidates competition. As for 2013, the research will be carried out in cooperation with the FP7 European project STAGES at the UAIC. (more info here).

Reports and presentations on UAIC-STAGES actions

Vienna communication (2014)

Communication of Prof. Doina Balahur at the 8th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education (Vienna, September 2014)

8th European Conference 8th European Conference 8th European Conference

The European conferences on gender equality in higher education already represent a prestigious tradition for the academic and research community from Europe and beyond. Since 1998, when the first edition was organized in Finland by the University of Helsinki, the conferences have itinerated across Europe to Zürich (2000), Genoa (2003), Oxford (2005), Berlin (2007), Stockholm (2009), Bergen (2012), and now in 2014, at the 8th edition, in Vienna (at the Vienna University of Technology, on the period 2-5 September 2014). By bringing together hundreds of gender equality practitioners, researchers and administrators from the academic world, the conferences were conceived to provide an international forum to discuss and exchange information and experiences and share research results on the changes and challenges related to gender in academia, gender equality promotion and interventions in higher education and research institutions. This year 377 participants from more than 30 countries have attended the conference. Almost 150 speakers have approached, in plenary and parallel sessions, workshops, panel discussions and poster session, such topics as "Gender Equality in Higher Education: Next Steps to Go", "Strategies for Institutional Change", "Gendered careers in universities: Challenges for theory and equality policy", "Creating Gender Equal Workplaces in Academia", "Recruitment policies" and "Early career" issues, "Gender-sensitive teaching", "Gender Content in Disciplines", "Explorations & Interventions in Work-Life-Balance and Academic Working Cultures", " Cultural change in academia: starting points, challenges and success factors" and so on (see: https://gender2014.conf.tuwien.ac.at/programme/). In the session titled "Change Processes", Professor Doina Balahur presented the scientific communication "Promoting the "co-operation paradigm" for gendering the universities and science organizations. A model of real transformation to achieve gender equality in science" (see here PDF ; see also http://gender2014.conf.tuwien.ac.at/fileadmin/t/gender2014/Full_Papers/Balahur_UAIC_VIENNA_PAPER.pdf). At the same session Dr. Anke Lipinsky (Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences, Germany), Prof. Uta Klein (University of Kiel, Germany) and Prof. Uduak Archibong (Bradford University, UK) have presented results of their gender research.

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